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Friday, July 22, 2016

How technology is helping Radhika Gupta who was denied to take maternity leave?

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Let’s think and talk how technology is helping and providing justice to social victims. If there was no social media then how things get done?

Here, is the recent brief story Radhika Gupta, her posts on social media and "QUICK" response by Maneka Gandhi.

Radhika Gupta, a 28 years old lady, working since two years in Noida-based Radius Synergies International Pvt. Ltd. She claimed that the company denied her to take maternity leave and asked her to resign by giving reason that company can't afford their employee if they stay away from work for such maternity leaves.

Radhika wrote her post on social media by tagging Maneka Gandhi and PMO.

Her story gone viral on web with headlines such as –
“This Company Fired A Woman Because She Asked For Maternity Leave. This Is Really Pissing Off” and “Instead Of Being Given Maternity Leave, This Woman Was Fired From Her Job.”
Following image shows Radhika tagging Maneka Gandhi and PMO Officials. Maneka Gandhi too replied back and assure for help.

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Before today's Dailytalks, Thanks to Social Media, Maneka Gandhi Ji and Source: for their quick responses.

Now, let’s talk on following separately with your comments -

  • First question raised, Is Maneka Gandhi helping her because Radhika tagged them in social media?
  • What about other Indians who don't access to social media?
  • Is there a need to get involve in social media before a person join his job?
  • Which Social Media? How to know which social media Indian Govt using?                           
  • How to tagged Government Official or Ministers to your post or tweet? Is it SAFE?
  • Is technology helping in justice too?

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